Troubleshooting measures for Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer may encounter some faults during use. At this time, first use the fault countermeasures in the instruction manual to troubleshoot. In order to minimize the occurrence of faults, pay attention to the following aspects for usage.

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1. When the instrument cannot be powered on, check whether the power cord is plugged in properly and whether the fuse is burned out;

2. When the nitrogen analyzer cannot add liquid, first check whether the pipe joints are sealed, whether the bucket lid has been tightened, and whether there is too little liquid in the bucket so that the suction pipe cannot absorb the liquid;

3. If the temperature cannot rise during distillation, the heating wire or heating controller may be faulty and needs to be sent to the dealer for repair;

4. When Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is working, the screen shows insufficient pressure, and if there is still the sound of the air pump working, the pressure sensor is faulty. Otherwise, the air pump is faulty, and needs to be sent to the dealer for repair.

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1. Check whether the distilled water is sufficient before use. If insufficient, add it in time;

2. Be careful when preparing alkali and acid solutions to avoid chemical burns;

3. There are glassware in the instrument, so avoid severe vibration during transportation;

4. When repairing the internal components of the instrument, be sure to shut down the machine and unplug the power cord, and wait for the distillation system to cool down before operating;

5. The outlet of the waste liquid discharge pipe should be lower than the height of the instrument to ensure smooth drainage;

6. When Kjeldahl apparatus is not used for a long time, the alkali solution in the bottle should be removed and the pipeline should be cleaned with warm water to prevent crystallization and blockage.