Features of Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

The Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is a device that calculates the protein content by measuring the nitrogen content in the sample based on the principle that the nitrogen content in the protein is constant. When the Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer measures the sample, it needs to go through three processes of digestion, distillation and titration. The digestion of the sample is to heat and digest the nitrogen-containing organic compound with sulfuric acid and the catalyst to decompose the organic nitrogen. The decomposed ammonia is combined with sulfuric acid to generate ammonium sulfate. After digestion, the organic nitrogen in the sample is converted into inorganic nitrogen, and then the digested sample is added to the distiller of the nitrogen analyzer for alkaline hydrolysis and distillation.
The Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is an automatic nitrogen measurement distillation system designed based on the classic Kjeldahl method. It is suitable for the analysis, teaching and research in industries like grain and oil testing, feed analysis, plant nutrient testing, soil and fertilizer testing, medicine, chemical etc. as an ideal tool for operators.
The main features of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer include:
1. Use a microcomputer to control the process, including manual mode and automatic mode. It can be set and switch according to users’ needs. In automatic mode, the whole process of adding alkali, adding boric acid, distillation, and ammonia absorption is at one time, and the volume of adding boric acid and alkali and the time of distillation and absorption process can be set by users. In manual mode, the three processes of boron addition, alkali addition, and distillation absorption can be individually operated manually, and the volume and time can be controlled by themselves to meet the needs of professional users.
2. Large screen dot matrix LCD display, Chinese menu, touch button, simple and convenient operation.
3. Automatic distillation control, automatic water addition, automatic water level control, automatic water cutoff and water pressure drop alarm.
4. Various safety protections: digestive tract safety door device, steam generator water shortage alarm.
5. The operating program can be saved.
6. The instrument shell adopts special spray steel plate, and the working area adopts ABS anti-corrosion plate and stainless steel bottom plate.
7. Acid and alkali resistance effectively prevent chemical agent corrosion and mechanical damage to the surface.
8. Water level detection, low water level alarm, automatically cut off power.
9. The standard equipment does not include the digestion furnace which is optional. It is recommended to choose the c-type digestion furnace.