Maintenance of Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is an instrument that calculates the protein content by measuring the nitrogen content in the sample based on the principle of constant nitrogen content in protein. Because the method of protein content measurement and calculation is called Kjeldahl method, it is called Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, also known as nitrogen analyzer, protein analyzer, and crude protein analyzer.
Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is a commonly used analytical instrument, which is widely used in the determination of ammonia, protein nitrogen content, phenol, volatile fatty acid, cyanide, sulfur dioxide, ethanol, etc. in grains, food, feed, water, soil, silt, sediment and chemicals. When using Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, users need to have a certain understanding of its daily maintenance in order to better use the nitrogen analyzer and effectively extend its service life. The following are the main points of maintenance of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.
Maintenance of Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
1. The instrument should not be installed in places exposed to direct sunlight or places where it is too cold, hot or humid. The indoor temperature should not exceed 10℃~30℃. The ventilation should be good and there should be good heat dissipation conditions.
2. If liquid accumulates in the tank at the front of the instrument, clean it frequently.
3. After long-term use, scale will form on the heater, which will affect the heating efficiency. If the scale is too thick, you can unscrew a cock on the top of the steam generator, insert a small funnel at the nozzle, and inject a descaling agent or glacial acetic acid to clean the scale (diluted sulfuric acid can also be used) ) after the power is turned off in the shutdown state. After cleaning, open the steam generator drain section door in the case to drain the water, and add clean water to clean it several times.
4. The lye tank and the boric acid tank should be cleaned and washed regularly.
The universal applicability, accuracy and repeatability of Kjeldahl method have been widely recognized internationally. It has been established as the standard method for detecting protein content in food.