Use of Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Nitrogen analyzer is used to detect protein content, so it is also called protein analyzer. The process of determining protein by nitrogen analyzer is mainly divided into three steps: digestion, distillation and titration. Among them, digestion is separated from  distillation and titration, which needs to be completed with a digestion furnace. There are two types of nitrogen analyzers, one is the fully automatic Kjeldahl analyzer, and the other is a semi-automatic nitrogen analyzer that cannot be fully automatic in the sense. The automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer can realize the automatic distillation and titration. The distillation includes the addition of various reagents, the addition of diluents and the control of the liquid level. The titration adopts the internationally recognized color end point determination method. Automatic nitrogen analyzer can do all of this.
Because the automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is more convenient and simple to use, it is welcomed by many enterprises and industry personnel. The automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is a detection instrument with a very high technology. It is based on the classic Kjeldahl method and meets the relevant domestic and international standards for Kjeldahl nitrogen. It can realize comprehensive network management or computer control and use. It can complete reagent addition, distillation, titration, analysis and calculation, result storage,waste liquid discharge, titration cup cleaning with one click, and the entire process requires no care, which truly realizes the unattended process of nitrogen determination. It is also called a fully automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer because of this feature.
The automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is mainly used to detect the content of ammonia nitrogen and protein nitrogen in grain, food, dairy products, beverages, feed, soil, water, drugs, sediments and chemicals. Its use can provide us with more accurate data on the nitrogen content in articles, so that we can obtain more accurate data and make adjustments based on this data. But in order to be able to use it better, we need to pay attention to its daily maintenance:
1. Since the automatic nitrogen analyzer needs to heat and distill when it is working, it requires good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions.
2. For those barrels with lye and boric acid, we need to clean the sediment regularly and make them completely clean.
3. After finishing the experiment, we need to clean the instrument with steam.
4. After the experiment, we still need to wipe the remaining liquid on the distillation head and tube holder.
5. If there are cracks or deep scratches on the interface of the distillation head, we need to replace it.
The above five points are what we should pay attention to when using the automatic nitrogen analyzer. Only when these are done, the automatic nitrogen analyzer can be better used by us, and the data measured by it is valuable.