Tips for use of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is widely used in food processing, grain, feed, water, soil, pharmaceuticals, animal husbandry, soil fertilizer, environmental testing, medicine, pesticides, scientific research, teaching, quality supervision and other fields to measure nitrogen or protein content, and it can also be used for the detection of ammonium salts, volatile base nitrogen, etc.

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Precautions for use:

1. Before using the nitrogen analyzer, first check whether the distilled water is sufficient. If it is insufficient, add in time;

2. Be careful when preparing alkali and acid solutions to avoid chemical burns;

3. There are glassware in the instrument, so avoid severe vibration during transportation;

4. When repairing the internal components of the instrument, be sure to shut down the machine and unplug the power cord, and wait for the distillation system to cool down before operating;

5. The outlet of the waste liquid discharge pipe should be lower than the height of the instrument to ensure smooth drainage;

6. When the nitrogen analyzer is not used for a long time, the alkali solution in the alkali bottle should be cleared, then add warm water, install a clean nitrogen determiner tube on the instrument, and add a certain amount of alkali solution in manual mode to make the remaining alkali liquid in the pipeline flow into the nitrogen nitrogen determiner tube, and clean the pipeline with warm water to prevent crystallization and blockage.

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Kjeldahl apparatus has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast analysis speed, wide application range, few samples required, and relatively simple operation. In order to ensure the accuracy and stability of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, operators should develop the habit of standardized operation and correct maintenance.