Difference between K9840 and K9841 Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzers

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is a commonly used equipment in laboratories, and is generally used for the determination of protein in food, dairy products, feed, agricultural and sideline products, etc. The distillation part is the main function of the nitrogen analyzer. It is suitable for analysis, teaching and research in grain and oil testing, feed analysis, plant nutrient testing, soil and fertilizer testing, environmental protection, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

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Nitrogen analyzer K9841 is a special nitrogen analyzer for fertilizers. The national standard for detecting the nitrogen content in fertilizers is to absorb it with sulfuric acid and then perform back titration. Therefore, the addition of sulfuric acid requires high precision. The main difference between nitrogen analyzers K9840 and K9841 is that the reagents of K9841 are added accurately using a high-precision plunger pump, and the corrosion resistance of the pipeline is comparatively higher.

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The Kjeldahl nitrogen determination experiment also requires other instruments. Under normal circumstances, the Kjeldahl nitrogen apparatus needs to be used in conjunction with electronic analytical balance, drying oven, mortar, and basic experimental glass instruments of related reagents preparation.