What cause high recovery rate of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is the main instrument used to measure the nitrogen content of samples and is currently widely used in various industries. As a high-precision measuring instrument, Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer has high detection efficiency and accurate detection results.

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During the measurement process by Kjeldahl apparatus, the recovery rate may be higher than usual. The high recovery rate is mostly caused by the titration. The possible reasons are as follows:

1. The titrating acid calibration is inaccurate and can be avoided by calibrating it several times;

2. There is an error in weighing the sample.

3. The equipment has been modified and needs to be re-calibrated.

4. The water used for distillation is not pure enough, or there is a problem with the hydrochloric acid standard titrant.

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In fact, there are many reasons for the high recovery rate of Kjeldahl analyzer.Find out the problems and solve them one by one. In order to obtain accurate results and avoid the above errors, it is better to learn more about the performance of the instrument before operation, and strictly follow the instructions and instrument operating procedures for standardized operations. After use, cleaning and maintenance should be done so that the instrument can maintain good performance and obtain accurate results.

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