Requirements of nitrogen analyzer for laboratory environment

The nitrogen analyzer is mainly used to determine the content of nitrogen and crude protein in the sample. It is mainly used for related experiments in the fields of food, feed, agriculture, scientific research institutes, medicine, universities, daily chemicals, soil fertilizers, etc., which use Kjeldahl method to determine nitrogen and crude protein in samples. Kjeldahl analyzer is an instrument that calculates the protein content by measuring the nitrogen content in the sample based on the principle that the nitrogen content in the protein is constant.

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Special requirements for the laboratory environment of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer:

1. The normal laboratory power supply must be guaranteed.

2. It is necessary to ensure smooth water supply and drainage in the laboratory.

3. The location of the instrument should not exceed 1.5m from the tap water source.

4. According to the national regulations, all digestion experiments must be carried out in a ventilated place.

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After setting the corresponding laboratory conditions, the auto Kjeldahl apparatus does not need human intervention in the whole experimental process. It has many advantages such as fast test speed, high efficiency, good parallelism of sample test results, and low risk factor. The universal applicability, accuracy and repeatability of Kjeldahl method has been widely recognized internationally, and it has been established as a standard method for testing protein content in foods.

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