Factors Affecting the Price of Nitrogen Analyzer

The nitrogen analyzer usually referred to is the Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, also known as the protein analyzer. In addition to the Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, there is also a chemiluminescence nitrogen analyzer, also known as a total nitrogen analyzer, which is generally used in the petroleum industry.

kjeldahl analyzer price 

Factors affecting the price of nitrogen analyzer:

1. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of automation, the more expensive the price. The price difference between them is relatively large, which is the main factor affecting the price. In addition, according to actual needs, it is necessary to equip digestion furnaces with different holes, but the price difference between digestion furnaces with different holes is not very large. This is the impact of nitrogen analyzer classification on the price.

2. At the same time, even if the same product is used by different manufacturers, the prices of different designs and manufacturing processes are also very different due to the different materials used. Some casings on materials are painted with general metal, some are made of stainless steel, some main parts are made of ABS anti-corrosion materials, and some of the entire casings are made of ABS anti-corrosion materials, so there is a large price gap.

3. The fineness of the processing of the distillation bottle and the sealing degree of each interface will also affect the price of the nitrogen analyzer.

 kjeldahl protein analyzer

The Kjeldahl apparatus is very suitable for routine testing in laboratories and inspection institutions, which is widely used in the analysis of nitrogen content or protein content of food, crops, seeds, soil, fertilizer and other samples.