Weekly maintenance of auto Kjeldahl apparatus

Besides the correct operation and use of full automatic Kjeldahl analyzer, the maintenance of the instrument is also essential. For the automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, in addition to daily maintenance, it is also necessary to do weekly maintenance.

 kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer machine

The weekly maintenance of the automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is divided into four steps, mainly covering inspection and cleaning. The maintenance method is as follows:

1. Check and clean the reagent barrel

Check whether there is any residue in the reagent barrel, if yes, clean it in time. Check whether there is any crack in the solution barrel, replace it in time if there is any damage.  Check whether there is reagent crystal blocking the air hole of the barrel cover, if yes, wash the barrel cover with warm water. Check whether the detector is normal, and replace it if damaged.

2. Thoroughly clean the alkali pipeline

In order to prevent the crystallization of alkali circuit from affecting the service life of alkali valve in the alkali pipeline, it is necessary to flush the alkali pipeline every week.

3. Clean the boric acid pipeline

In order to prevent impurities in boric acid from clogging boric acid valve and pump, the boric acid pipeline needs to be cleaned every week.

4. Clean the titration acid pipeline and syringe pump

Clean the residue in the syringe pump and titration acid pipeline.

5. Check the digestion tube

Check whether there are gaps or cracks on the edge of the orifice of the digestion tube to avoid leakage at the joint between the digestion tube and the distillation head due to such damage, resulting in loss of sample recovery.

 food kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

To ensure the good performance of the instrument, prolong its service life and ensure safe and efficient use, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance. Hope that the above weekly maintenance method for Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer will be helpful.