Safety protection function of nitrogen analyzer

The nitrogen analyzer is a special instrument for detecting nitrogen content in seeds, dairy products, beverages, feed, soil and other agricultural and sideline products. The nitrogen analyzer is based on the principle that the nitrogen content in the protein is constant, and the protein content is calculated by measuring the nitrogen content in the sample. It is widely used in food factories, pharmaceutical inspection and fertilizer testing.

 lab kjeldahl distillation system

Safety protection function of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer:

1. The digestive tube is not in place: when the digestive tube is not placed or placed improperly, an alarm will be issued, which effectively prevents the lye from being directly added to the instrument and ensures the service life of the instrument.

2. Safety door protection: The main function of the safety door is to protect the safety of experimenters and instruments. When the safety door is not closed or not closed completely, the instrument will alarm to remind laboratory personnel to close it in time.

3. Real-time detection of cooling water flow and water pressure: cooling water is the key factor for accurate results and normal operation of the instrument. When factors that affect the results of the experiment occur, such as insufficient cooling water, high water temperature, and laboratory water outage, the machine will automatically stop working and give an alarm.

4. Over-temperature alarm: When the temperature of the steam generator is too high, the instrument will automatically stop working and alarm to ensure the safety in use.

 food grain protein analyzer

The full automatic Kjeldahl apparatus is very suitable for routine testing of laboratories and inspection institutions, and is widely used in the analysis of nitrogen content or protein content of food, crops, seeds, soil, fertilizers and other samples.