Can nitrogen analyzer use other color indicators?

The nitrogen analyzer is mainly used to determine the content of nitrogen and crude protein in the sample. It is mainly used for related experiments in fields of food, feed, agriculture, scientific research institutes, medicine, colleges and universities, daily chemicals, soil fertilizers, etc. where the Kjeldahl method is used to determine nitrogen and crude protein in samples. There are mainly semi-automatic nitrogen analyzer and fully automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.

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Other color indicators can be used if manual titration method is used. If a fully automatic instrument is used, the color indicator should be configured according to the ratio specified by the product, and cannot be replaced with other reagents. The built-in color change process of the product has been adjusted to the best state at the factory to ensure the accuracy of the results.

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Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is widely used in the analysis of nitrogen content or protein content of food, crops, seeds, soil, fertilizer and other samples due to its advantages of easy operation and high cost performance. Most of nitrogen analyzers on the market are based on the Kjeldahl nitrogen determination principle to detect and analyze the nitrogen content in the sample, which is mainly composed of distillation, digestion and titration devices.

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