Problems in use of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer (III)

Nitrogen analyzer is one of the commonly used instruments in the laboratory. It applies the principle of Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method and adopts the combination of chemistry and physics to complete the rapid determination of protein content, as ideal testing equipment for grain, food, feed, agriculture, commodity inspection and other testing departments.

 kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Common problems in the use of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer:

9. If the digestive tube is full of water during the use of nitrogen analyzer, how to solve it?

This is due to the reduced conductivity of the water level controller. Open the water level controller, take out the probe, and sand it with sandpaper to remove the oxide layer. Add 3-5 grams of laboratory sodium chloride to the bucket of distilled water and shake to dissolve.

10. In the use of nitrogen analyzer, if the suck-back occurs to the white tube in the digestive tube, how to solve it?

When the instrument stops working (the distiller stops heating), and the gas valve fails to close in time, it will cause sucking back. In this case, poke some small holes on the white tube. The air valve is damaged and cannot be closed, and it will also suck back.

11. The nitrogen analyzer will make a sound every 3 to 5 seconds in working. Is it normal?

This kind of sound is normal. In the working state, the distiller will continuously heat up to generate water vapor and consume water. The instrument will automatically open the water valve to replenish water. The sound comes from the opening and closing of water valve, which is a normal phenomenon.

 kjeldahl analyzer


Before each use of auto Kjedahl apparatus, the instrument should be boiled once in empty state to clean the internal pipes. After use, the lid of one of the barrels should be opened to discharge the gas inside to prolong the service life of the accessories.