Problems in use of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer (II)

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is an instrument that calculates the protein content by measuring the nitrogen content in the sample according to the principle of constant nitrogen content in protein, also known as protein analyzer and crude protein analyzer.

 Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Problems in use of full automatic Kjeldahl apparatus:

5. Why does the steamer does not heat up and cannot generate steam?

If the machine can add alkali normally, but cannot heat up and generate steam, it is judged that the heating wire may be burnt out. You can use a multimeter to measure the positive and negative poles of the heating wire. If it does not work, it can be determined that the heating wire is damaged. Please replace it with a new one. If the machine cannot add alkali normally, and there is no sound after starting, it is judged that the fuse is blown, and please replace it in time.

6. Is it normal that Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer gets a loud sound when working?

A: It is normal. This is the sound from the air pump inside the machine when it works.

 Kjeldahl analyzer

7. Why is there no sound when auto Kjeldahl analyzer is added with alkali during work?

Check whether the alkali drum is leaking, and the machine can work normally only when it is inflated by gas. If the instrument is used for too long, crystallization will occur inside the alkali tube, resulting in a decrease in flow rate and no sound when adding liquid.

8. When the nitrogen analyzer is working, why does smoke-like gas come out from the top?

Check whether the faucet of the cooling water inlet is turned on. If the cooling water is closed or the water volume is small, the steam from the digestive tube cannot be condensed, and the vapor coming out of the machine looks like smoke.