Problems in use of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer (I)

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer uses Kjeldahl method to detect the content of ammonia, protein, nitrogen,volatile fatty acids, etc. in grains, food, feed, water, soil, silt, sediment and chemicals. It is widely used for nitrogen content or protein content analysis of food, crops, seeds, soil, fertilizers and other samples.

 Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Problems in use of automatic Kjeldahl analyzer:

1. Kjeldahl analyzer roll violently during distillation. Will it pose a danger to the operator?

Generally not. Kjeldahl analyzer rolls violently during distillation, which is caused by a large amount of water vapor in the digestive tube with liquid rolling, not caused by a violent reaction. The instrument has an overpressure protection device, which can maintain the normal pressure inside the pipeline to avoid danger .

2. What are the requirements of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer for water quality?

The distilled water bucket of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer should be filled with distilled water or pure water. If not use for a long time, please drain the water in the distiller.

3. Why is there no sound when Kjeldahl analyzer is turned on?

If there is no sound when Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is turned on, and the power red light is on, it means that the fuse is blown.

 Kjeldahl analyzer

4. How to solve it if no water is added to the distiller after auto Kjeldahl apparatus is turned on?

Check whether the distilled water bucket is leaking after half a minute of turning on the machine, and it is normal to be inflated by air. Check whether the water level in the distilled water bucket exceeds one third, if not, add more. Check the position of the distilled water bucket, if lower than the table where the instrument is placed, the pressure is not enough, so the water cannot be added. Check the drain valve, and it should be closed.

Kjeldahl nitrogen apparatus