Structure of automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Nitrogen analyzer is used to detect protein content, so it is also called protein analyzer, which provides ideal testing equipment for grain, food, feed, agriculture, commodity inspection and other testing departments.

nitrogen analyzer 

The process of protein determination by Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is mainly divided into three steps, namely digestion, distillation and titration. Among them, digestion is separated from distillation and titration, which needs to be completed with a digestion furnace. The main task of the digester is to co-heat organic matter with concentrated sulfuric acid and convert it into inorganic nitrogen ammonium sulfate. The distiller is also known as the distillation device, and it is mainly used to transfer the digestive juice to the reaction chamber of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.

kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer 

Kjeldahl analyzers can detect nitrogen and protein in grain, food, feed, water, soil, silt, sediment and chemicals. As the preferred instrument for protein determination, Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is widely used in the determination of protein content in milk and dairy products. The automatic Kjeldahl analyzer has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast analysis speed, wide application range, less sample required, and relatively simple operation. It is currently the most widely used instrument for the determination of protein in milk and dairy products.

automatic kjeldahl analyzer