How to select a nitrogen analyzer

Nitrogen analyzers are applied in many industries. Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is a classic method for measuring nitrogen in substances to convert crude protein. At present, Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method is generally used to determine the nitrogen-protein content of soil, food, agricultural products, feed and some substances. How to choose a nitrogen analyzer often troubles many users.

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Tips for choosing nitrogen analyzer

I. Material

The nitrogen analyzer is an instrument that works in a harsh environment. Corrosive bodies such as concentrated sulfuric acid, boric acid, and sodium hydroxide and heating generate negative pressure in the instrument, which is a big test for the appearance of the instrument.

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II. Condensing device

The effect of the condenser tube directly affects the recovery rate of distilled high-concentration samples, and a high-quality condenser tube can ensure that a sufficient amount of steam can be condensed to a sufficiently low temperature to ensure that the high-concentration sample does not leak, and the recovery rate of Kjeldahl apparatus is guaranteed.

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III. Distiller

The main function of the distiller is distillation. It is an instrument for separating substances by distillation, which is very important in Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.