KDN-08C Kjeldahl Analyzer

KDN-08C Kjeldahl Analyzer

Model:KDN-08C Kjeldahl Analyzer
Application:Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer widely used for protein content and nitrogenious compounds testing analysis in soil,feed,food,grain,milk,drink,water,medicine and chemical....

KDN-08C Kjeldahl analyzer

Instrument introduction:
Protein analyzers are also known as crude protein analyzers, nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium analyzers. This instrument is a necessary inspection equipment for QS and HACCP certification of food factories and drinking water factories.

Working principle:
The protein analyzer (commonly known as the nitrogen determination instrument) is designed and manufactured based on the international Kjeldahl method. The main body of the instrument uses a steam automatic control generator. With the cooperation of a liquid level regulator, the steam is made in tens of seconds. Stable output in time for use by the still. The lye under the control of the first executive body flows through the distillation tube into the quantitative digestion tube, so that the ammonia fixed in the acid liquid volatilizes under alkaline conditions. The steam under the control of the second executive agency distills the sample under alkaline conditions to completely volatilize the ammonia. The volatilized ammonia is condensed by the condenser, completely fixed in boric acid, and then titrated with standard acid to At the end point, calculate the nitrogen content, and then multiply it by the protein conversion factor to get the protein content.

1. KDN Kjeldahl meter uses microcomputer for process control.
2. Automatic distillation control, automatic water addition, automatic water level control, automatic water stop.
3. Various safety protections: safety door device for digestive tube, water shortage alarm for steam generator, water level detection failure alarm.
4. The shell of the instrument is made of special plastic-sprayed steel plate, and the working area adopts ABS anti-corrosion panel to prevent chemical reagents from corrosion and mechanical damage to the surface. It is acid and alkali resistant.
5, water level detection, low water level alarm, instrument control system failure can automatically power off.
6, using tap water source, wide adaptability, low requirements for experiments.

Technical Parameters:
Species tested: food, feed, food, dairy products, beverages, soil, water, drugs, sediments and chemicals
Working mode: semi-automatic
Water inlet mode: two water inlet modes: tap water and distilled water, widely used area
Sample quantity: solid 0.20g ~ 2.00g, semi-fixed 2.00g ~ 5.00g, liquid 10.00ml ~ 25.00ml
Measurement range: 0.1mgN ~ 200mgN (mg nitrogen)
Recovery rate: ≥99% (relative error, including digestion process)
Distillation speed: 5 ~ 15 minutes / sample (depending on sample volume)
Cooling water consumption: 3L / min
Repetition rate: relative standard deviation <± 1%
Power supply: AC220V / 50Hz
Power: 1000W
Water supply: water temperature is less than 20 ℃
Dimensions: 380mm × 320mm × 670mm
Weight: 20kg

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