KND-04A Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

KND-04A Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Model:KND-04A Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
Application:Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer widely used for protein content and nitrogenious compounds testing analysis in soil,feed,food,grain,milk,drink,water,medicine and chemical....

KDN-04A Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

1. Adopt microcomputer controlling process
2. Automatically control distills, add water, control water level and cut off water supply
3. Various security protections: digestive system security device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm
4. Instrument shell adopts specially made plastic spray steel; working area adopts ABS anticorrosive board. Avoid chemical reagent corrosion and mechanical surface damage, acid proof and alkali proof.
5. Once detected fault, controlling system will power off automatically
6. Adopt tap water source, wide adaptability, and requirement for test is low.

Technical parameters:

Measuring varieties Grain, feed, food, dairy products, drink, soil, medicine, precipitate, chemicals and so on
Working mode Semi-automatic
Water-in mode Tap water and distilled water
Sample quantity Solid: 0.20g-2.00g,
Semisolid: 2.00g-5.00g
Liquid: 10.00ml-25.00ml
Measuring range 0.1mgN-200mgN (mg nitrogen)
Recovery rate ≥99% (relative error, including digestive process)
Distillation speed 5-15 min/sample (according to sample amount)
Cooling water consumption 3L/min
Repetition rate relative standard deviation <±1%
Power AV 220V/50Hz, 1000W
Water supply Water pressure >1.5MPa
Water temperature<20°C

Digestion furnace:
Quartz infrared heating tube heating,mainly infrared,transfer is asistance;Fast heating,high efficiency.
The machine caseis made of special coating steel plate,work plate is made of stainless steel,have perfect corrosion resistance.
Double layers shell design,air thermal-protective coating and aluminium silicate thermal-protective coating,double thermal barrier effect. 4.Over-pressure,over-flow,over-heat etc multi protection.

Technical parameter:

Display Digital
Temperature control Digital control
Temperature range Room temperature~600℃;
Accuracy ±1℃
Temperature rising speed 30℃/min

Measuring range
Test quantity 4holes,8holes,12holes,20holes
Digestion time 60~90 min/ group
Digestion tube capacity 300ml
Power supply 220(V)50Hz
Power 4holes :1000w
8holes : 1500w
12holes : 2000w
20holes : 2500w

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