KDN-2C Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer

KDN-2C Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer

Model:KDN-2C Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer
Application:Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer widely used for protein content and nitrogenious compounds testing analysis in soil,feed,food,grain,milk,drink,water,medicine and chemical....

KDN-2C Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

The machine is made for protein content and nitrogenous compounds fast test in food,feed,grain,soil,meat etc.
KDN-2C is a new design Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer,has advantages of feature steady,easy operation,high accuracy etc.The most important feature is the use of electric heating method and modified after the domestic and foreign can be applied to different water quality (distilled water, tap water, pure water, deep well water, etc.) for self-heating distillation, and to overcome the domestic A and B line heating defects, The user's operation, basically reached the automation.

Technical parameter:

Testing items Food,feed,grain,daily product,medicine,chemical etc
Testing range 0.05~90%(0.1-200mgN)
Accuracy Relative difference ≤ 2%, parallelism ≤ 0.2%
Power 1000W
Voltage AC220V50Hz
Digestion furnace 12holes,3KW
Water No special requirement(distilled water,tap water,pure water,wall water etc)
Dimension 360*340*800mm

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