ZDDN-II Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

ZDDN-II Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Model:KND-BI Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
Application:Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer widely used for protein content and nitrogenious compounds testing analysis in soil,feed,food,grain,milk,drink,water,medicine and chemical....

Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer


Protein Tester is used to universally determine crude protein content with wide spectrum of application form food supplies, beverage, cotton and other agricultural products by Kjeldahl method.

Process: Kjeldahl analyzer---- Electric heating ---- Digestion furnace ----- Distiller


1. ZDDN-II Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer uses a microcomputer for process control, including manual mode and automatic mode, which can be set and switched according to your needs:
In automatic mode: the whole process of adding alkali, adding boric acid, distillation and ammonia absorption is completed at one time. The volume of adding boric acid and alkali and the time of distillation and absorption can be set by themselves.
In manual mode: the three processes of boron addition, alkali addition and distillation absorption can be individually operated manually, and the volume and time can be controlled by themselves to meet the needs of professional users.
2. Large screen dot matrix LCD display, English menu, touch button, simple and convenient operation.
3. Automatic distillation control, automatic water addition, automatic water level control, automatic water stop.
4. Various safety protections: digestion pipe safety door device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection failure alarm.
5. The number of operating programs that can be stored: 250.
6. The instrument shell is made of special sprayed steel plate, and the working area is made of ABS anti-corrosion board to prevent chemical agent corrosion and mechanical damage to the surface, acid and alkali resistance.
7. Water level detection, low water level alarm, automatic power off. If the instrument control system fails, the power can be automatically cut off.
8. Digestion furnace is not included in the standard configuration, and the digestion furnace is optional


Technical Parameters:

Determination of varieties Grain,Food,Feed,Dairy products,Beverages,Soil,Meat,Drugs,Sediment and Chemicals
Measuring range 0.1-200mgN
Recovery rate ≥99% 
Sample size Soild  : 0.20g-2.00g;
Semi-solid : 2.00g-5.00g
Liquid : 10.00ml-25.00ml
Working mode Automatic / Manual
Water inlet Tap water / Distilled water
Water supply Water pressure is greater than 1.5MPa;
Water temperature is less than 20 degrees
Distillation speed 5-15min / sample
Coolling water consumption 3.0L/min
Repetition rate relative standard deviation <±1%
Voltage AC220V50Hz
Heating power 1000W
Dimensions 430*360*760mm
Weight 25kg

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